Welcome To Amazon Grill Fort Myers

The décor is Amazon Rainforest inspired, the food is tasty and filling, a self service buffet! Pile up your plate with the rich smoky taste of slow grilled beef ribs, and pork loin- It’s BBQ Churrasco style. The meats are cured with coarse rock salt before grilling over an open flame, and the taste is rich-as if vibrant,exotic spices were added, to both amaze and befuddle the palate, yet no spices are added at all. The complex flavor is derived from rock salt and proper grilling alone. The taste is lush and earthy, quite different from our BBQ style. I happened to prefer the Sirloin and tender ribs but i would encourage everyone to try all of the items are grilled to perfection. It features a Brazilian  buffet as well as great meat selections from Beef Brisket, Spare Ribs, Sirloin, Top Sirloin, Pork, Chicken, sausage. Also on weekends Chicken hearts, Roasted Pineapple,and Blood Sausage.  and now under New Ownership!

The Price for the Buffet Monday – Thursday:  $14.99 w/Grill and $11.99 w/out Grill 

If you have a little room Left for desert we offer Flan, Passion Fruit Mousse, and Chocolate, Chocolate cake all homemade right here.

The Price for the buffet Friday, Saturday And Sunday: $15.99 w/Grill and $12.99 w/out Grill.

Kids Buffet(Anytime) – $6.99